Investments with an Outlook

The affluent individuals of this world do not only invest in traditional businesses. Instead, many ensure safe and attractive returns through special investments in art, collectable vehicles, real estate and innovative technologies. Alternative investments such as artworks and automobiles tend not to depreciate and offer considerable upside potential, while real estate and equities offer a secure return with manageable risk. Thus, Mercuria Helvetica AG takes a two-pronged approach, combining both traditional and alternative investments. In doing so, we harness the power of blockchain technology to create new, innovative opportunities in the world of financial investment.


Accountabiliy Stems from Tradition

Mercuria Helvetica AG is a Zug-based company founded in 2015 by Benedikt and Valerie Halter. The strategists behind it are no strangers to the world of business, coming from a Swiss family with a long and active involvement in the real estate and construction sectors spanning over 100 years. With this tradition, comes accountability and exemplary performance. The know-how of Mercuria Helvetica’s qualified staff, coupled with an extensive family network of contacts, served as the foundation for establishing the firm.


Decoupling from the Economic Cycle

Mercuria Helvetica AG has developed an investment strategy that is not tied to the economic cycle. Our investments appreciate in value - even if the global economy stagnates. Our returns are attractive and stable over the long-term because the assets are non-perishable and have an underlying value that increases over time. Such investments are often reserved solely for private investors, serving as a safe haven for a small section of the economic elite. This is because many investment opportunities in fine art, collectable vehicles and unique real estate are distributed through narrow networks and the barriers to entry are difficult for an individual investor to overcome. By combining capital at Mercuria Helvetica AG, we can provide access to these secure investments with a lower initial capital expenditure.


Blockchain: Forward-looking technology

The rapid increase in the value of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin serves as a reminder of the excesses of the New Economy. If you invested only 1,000 francs in Bitcoin in 2011, you already had more than ten million francs by 2018. While such increases in value are beyond us, they illustrate the potential of new technologies. At Mercuria Helvetica AG, we combine our competencies to do more than merely speculate. We are already harnessing the potential of blockchain technology today, which is expanding in the financial sector and increasingly emerging in traditional industries also.

Blockchain technology enables new applications to be developed and new financial ecosystems to be established. Large amounts of data can be encrypted and access to it can be securely managed. We verify data-reference points in seconds, analyze large company-wide datasets, and pinpoint vulnerabilities in financial assets. Using blockchain technology, we can reduce the costs associated with unnecessary IT infrastructure and make administration cost-effective. By implementing these improvements, we create added value and this is directly reflected in our returns.


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